Why B2B sales is a largely an emotional decision

24 August 2019

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Have you ever made a decision on somewhere to eat just because it ‘looked’ or ‘felt’ right, despite the fact you’ve never eaten there before?

If so, you’ve made a purchase decision based on ‘brand’.

Wants vs needs

Businesses buy from other businesses using the same principles. The problem is, so many businesses struggle to achieve any kind of meaningful differentiation that it is almost impossible for any buyer to feel any kind of natural ‘pull’ towards a business.

Buyers NEED a supplier to help them solve a problem. The supplier they choose is the one they WANT to work with. Practical vs emotional. The business that harnesses the power of the emotional wins every time, because that is the one that pulls buyers in.

If you want your business to have an emotional pull, then you first need the confidence and ability to go against the grain in the way that you deliver your products and services. You then need to make sure that you communicate those differences in a way that engages the right kind of people.

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