What is a brand?

15 February 2019

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What is a brand?

Your business might offer incredible products, delivered in impeccable time, by the most courteous staff on earth.

However, it’s not until someone actually purchases goods from you, that they get to experience all the real value you bring to the table and most businesses rely on a stream of new customers to be successful and grow.

Your potential customers have a wide range of options to choose from, but rarely do they have the time, ability or inclination to sample every option before they choose which ones to approach.

So what do they do? They narrow down the options based on the type of value that matters to them the most.

Customers also vary significantly. All have their own definitions of what value means. It may be they want the cheapest, the best, the fastest, the prettiest, the tastiest, the most convenient, the most socially responsible… The list is endless.

The important thing is whether they can perceive the value they are looking for, in the options that are available to them. If they can’t they will keep searching until they can.

We’re all customers and we all do this all the time, no matter if you’re a trained designer or not.

Just think of the last time you went out for dinner somewhere new. You probably didn’t eat in every restaurant to objectively compare the taste of the food and the type of service, so what did you do?…

You likely made your choice based on how each option looked. We’ve all said things like, ‘I don’t want to eat there it looks a bit expensive’, or ‘it doesn’t look special enough’…

The key word there is ‘look’. You probably looked at some websites, looked at the signage when you drove past, looked through some leaflets that were delivered through your letterbox, looked at photos on social media, looked at reviews on TripAdvisor, looked at a guided tour on YouTube until you found one that looked right for the occasion.

That – in a nutshell – is what your brand is. It is the combination of all the visual and verbal messages you send out, that controls how valuable your business looks to the outside world and crucially – the type of customers you attract as a result.

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One response to “What is a brand?”

  1. Good insights, David. You nailed it with your examples of how we form opinions by what we see/perceive. All the more reason your company needs to put thought into your branding, advertising, awareness, website, etc…even your content. It all makes a difference.

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