Wall o’Fame #5 Rick Holland Poetry Partnership

11 November 2014

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In this quarter we’ve taken BML’s internal design challenge in an exciting new direction, by undertaking a collaboration with the highly gifted poet, Rick Holland.

As well as a collection of his own intelligent and thought provoking work, Rick has collaborated with numerous high profile artists and musicians including Brian Eno, Karl Hyde (Underworld) and Jon Hopkins. We were thrilled when Rick presented us with his much anticipated ‘NEW COLLECTION’. We were even more excited (if admittedly, a little apprehensive!) when he graciously granted us full creative license to respond to the work in any way we saw fit. It’s a challenge we took up with relish and were delighted to welcome Rick to the BML studio in November, where our designers nervously awaited the opportunity to unveil their creations. Here’s what we came up with (all artwork now available to buy online from the BML Charity Print Shop)…

Atari Punks – ‘look at the maps we made’

Taking a line from the poem ‘Atari Punks’, this visual response focuses on the line: ‘look at the maps we made’. The designs created look at the maps we have created over the past 500 years and show how the recorded coastline of Britain has changed. England, Scotland and Wales are the subjects in this instance, each graphically displaying the varying shape of the country’s outline.

In The Future

This print is based on Rick Hollands poem ‘In The Future’ and is specifically interested in its staccato rhythm. The idea was to deconstruct the poem and rebuild it – in graphic form. Divided up horizontally into 13 columns – one for each line of the poem, the black bars represent the number of words in each line and the red bars are the number of letters per line. It was important, not only that each line was handled in isolation but that each line flowed seamlessly into the next in order to recreate the whole. The resulting structure is suggestive of the industrial / city-scape themes of the poem. In The Future In the future in that far facade on that horizon beyond the cars bleating servers beneath the stars where city mist has risen to fall in shards as something else beyond steel and glass when parades give way beyond stack and grey to the solace of grass

Open Blue

A triptych of graphic illustrations inspired by Holland’s poem, ‘Open Blue (OMD)’. The series of illustrations aims to capture the moment the artist steps into the void of creative exploration, something that is so beautifully portrayed in the poem: Open Blue (OMD) punch this out says my heart art or no art explore the essence no matter the start no canon, no moral no forcefield, no code tripping the brink of free-falling below one step from the edge of clean open blue dive into thin air surrendering you dive from the chaos and find something new fear like the first drop then clear open blue

If you would like to contact Rick Holland, then please visit his website www.rjholland.com, follow him on Twitter or drop him an email at [email protected]. Due to the success of the project and the breadth of inspirational material available, we are delighted to be continuing our collaboration with Rick for next months Wall o’Fame challenge… Check back in 3 months to see the new responses.

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