Wall o’Fame #1 Carnival

30 August 2013

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Design for us is a passion as well as a career. So even though our days are busy designing for clients, there’s nothing like a personal project away from the studio to stretch the brain in different directions. So, we’ve introduced an informal, just-for-fun creative challenge which has brought out some healthy competition amongst our designers; The BML Wall o’Fame.

Introducing… the BML Wall o’Fame

Here’s how it works. We all get together to decide on a theme. It’s based around the time of year the deadline falls, so any world events, public holidays, general goings-on around that time are contenders – the more interesting the better. Once we’ve agreed a theme, we have a three-month period out-of-hours to create our masterpiece – our own interpretation of the theme. All creative processes can be explored, whichever medium we feel best suits the brief. On deadline day we all get together with plenty of coffee and a large pile of pastries to unveil our creations. After much deliberation, we cast votes for our favourite design and the winner gets added to the Wall o’Fame (a wall in the studio). The Wall o’Fame challenge came into play in the summer, with a ‘Carnival’ theme. This was to coincide with the incredible Chapeltown West Indian Carnival which takes place locally every year.

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