Understanding website conversion rates

27 January 2011

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One of the key things you need to consider when approaching any web design or management project is the conversion rates.

Conversion rate

In a nutshell, conversion rate is the percentage of your total website visitors who turn into a genuine lead. So, if you attracted 100 visitors to your site today and generated 2 leads (either emails, online enquiries, phone calls or other customer contact), it would have a conversion rate of 2%. The consensus is that a conversion rate of 1-2% is about average for a business to business website. Conversion rate optimisation is important because it is the best measure of how efficient and productive your website is.

Tracking with Google Analytics

In order to measure this, it is vital that you track your results carefully. Google Analytics puts fantastic tools at your fingertips so you can accurately track all conversion events and prove whether your website is working as it should be. If your conversion rate is low or non-existent, then it might be time to consider a redesign, fresh content, a traffic boost or new incentive to help get the enquiries coming through. If you want to generate more leads, you have two main options: either double the amount of traffic coming to your site, or double the conversion rate (or ideally both!). If you want to find out how to improve your website conversion rate, contact BML Creative and ask about our web design and SEO services.

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