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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer bespoke packages and other services like websites?


Yes. We offer a comprehensive range of on and off-line marketing communication services. This includes websites, animations, presentations, marketing campaigns and email marketing services. Please contact us for more information. If you require a custom solution that is different to our standard packages, please contact our sales team to discuss options.

Do you work in other content management systems apart from WordPress?


No. We only work with the web platform, WordPress. We have tried and tested many content management systems, but nothing can compare to WordPress for ease of use (meaning, its easy for you, the site administrator to work with) and scalability (meaning how easy it is to extend and grow with your business).

Want us to work in another CMS? Sorry to disappoint, but we are not the agency for you.

Can I add more website features at a later date?


Yes. Thanks to the WordPress plugin system, you can usually bolt on almost any kind of additional functionality to your site at a late date with minimal disruption. Each new feature will need to be quoted on and paid for separately. You will simply need to email our quotes team with details of the new functionality you require.

I need a feature that isn’t listed on your website, do you offer bespoke solutions?


Yes, the list of features that is included in our add-on options is only a sample of some of the most popular website features we get asked for. If you have a specific functional requirement, or would like us to use a specific plugin for your project, then please contact us and let know and we can provide you with a bespoke quote.

What is on-page search engine optimisation?


On page search engine optimisation means optimising both content visible on your website, as well as the code structure behind the scenes, so that it can be found as easily as possible by search engine web crawlers. In practice, this means adjusting content titles so that they are relevant to the site content and particular keywords. It also means relevant adding alt tags to all images so they can be found in image searches. It also means modifying page meta title and description tags so they are targeted at specific search phrases.

What do you mean by a website ‘feature’?


A website ‘feature’ is a visual or functional element of your website that adds to what it can do. This can be something relatively simple such as a slideshow on your homepage, or a photo gallery, right through to an online shop, or event booking facility.

Apart from being free, one of the best things about WordPress, is the enormous bank of additional ‘plug-ins’ that are available. A ‘plugin’, is a module that can be bolted onto your existing website. It often requires customisation to suit your unique requirements and site style, but the core functionality has already been written. This saves a huge amount of time – and therefore cost – compared to writing the same functionality from scratch. Because WordPress is so widely supported, it means that there is an off-the-shelf solution available for almost every site feature you can imagine. Some plugin’s are free, whilst others require a small fee.

Who will populate my website content?


Populating content can be a complex and time-consuming task. As the situation of each customer varies from website to website, we do not offer content population as standard, which means you will be responsible for adding the majority of content to your site. Adding content is very easily done through WordPress and is the main reason we prefer that content management system over any other. If you are starting from scratch and you are struggling to write your own content, then we can connect you with one of our preferred copywriters who will be able to assist you. Similarly, if you are struggling for images, then we can provide high quality stock photos, or even arrange a custom photoshoot using one of our approved professional photographers.

How secure is my website?


If your website is hosted with us, then it will housed on a web server located at our data centre in North London. Your website will be built on the WordPress content management system which is open source (meaning free) and very widely used. This means your website can be vulnerable to hacks, but so is any website, even ones using bespoke systems. Like any good website, you just need to make sure you follow good security protocols and keep it updated regularly.

All our website builds come with a built in security firewall to block malicious login attempts. Similarly all our passwords and login procedures are optimised for increased security to avoid easy back door entry to the site admin (the most common form of hack).

How long will it take to design and build my website?


The length of time your project takes will be dependent on the overall size and complexity of your final site. In general a website project can take anywhere from 3 weeks for our standard web package, to 3 months for a large site with a number of complex add-ons.  Whilst we are a small team, we are highly agile and can move schedules around quickly and easily should you have specific deadlines you are working to. You need to factor in time for populating your site content too, as many customers fail to account for this time, which will depend on your own time demands.

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