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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you VAT registered?

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Yes, all our invoices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate and this will be clearly high listed on any quotation and invoice we supply you. If you are an oversees customer then VAT will not be applied to your bill. For further information, please contact us.

What happens if I want a refund under the terms of your Happiness Guarantee?

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The BML Happiness Guarantee is a unique promise of quality to our customers. If you are not happy with any of the work we produce for you following an agreed brief, we will continue to work on it for free until you are. If you are still not happy, we will return all the investment you have made with on on that specific project. In order to effect the guarantee, you are required to given us written feedback (as constructive as possible) explaining the reasons you are unhappy and allowed us the opportunity to address all of the issues you have raised. If we have been through a minimum of two rounds of changes, each time where we have responded to constructive written feedback, through which we have attempted to address the issues you have raised and you are still unhappy, you can notify us in writing and we will refund all money paid on that project to date.

If the project is being paid in installments, then we will reimburse all the monies paid to date and cancel any future payments. Please note that if you decide to effect the Happiness Guarantee, all work delivered must be returned to BML and you will have no right to use or share any of the ideas or work that we have presented.

Why is there a discount for paying in a single instalment?


Like any business, we depend on prompt payment from our clients to  ensure everything runs smoothly. We offer a 20% discount to customers who are able to pay for their project in advance, as a thank you for minimizing administration time and making our operation run more smoothly.

What is your hourly rate?

General, Payment

We understand that there is a tendency within the creative industry to benchmark agencies based on their hourly rate. Whilst we can understand that this does give a marker, we believe this to be a very bad way of differentiating agencies. After all, the ultimate question you should be asking, is ‘am I getting value for money on the project I am commissioning?’. Value for money (i.e. The total project investment vs the standard of product delivered and level of service provided) is a far better marker than hourly rate, because how much one individual can deliver and what they are capable of delivering in a set period of time varies enormously.

In the theory, the more experienced you are, you are likely to be able to work at a higher standard faster than someone else, which essentially penalizes anyone at the top of the profession. In reality, the only thing that matters is the quality of the end product and the resulting impact it can have on your organisation.

Sometimes delivering an exceptional product requires less time than we expect and other times it requires more. Either way we commit to delivering exceptional results. These are the things we focus on and we price our services accordingly. If understanding hourly rates is critical in your decision making process, then you would be advised to use a benchmark of £95+VAT per hour.

Why do you price your branding and rebranding services into packages?

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2017 marked BML’s tenth anniversary. In the significant time we’ve been in business we’ve worked on a huge range of projects for a diverse range of organisations. We understand the fundamental components that are required to create a great brand. We also know that a huge range of marketing communication tools are needed to make your new brand work as hard as possible for your organisation. Our brand design and rebranding packages are carefully assembled to offer an increasing level of value, based on the complexity and number of marketing communication tools included.

In our experience, many organisations are unaware of what communication tools are required and how much this might effect the overall cost of a rebrand. Our packages are designed to make the costs of designing a brand totally as clear and simple as possible. However, we still offer customised packages to suit your individual needs if our default packages are unsuitable. Please contact us for details.

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