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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Elevation™ brand design process take?


In our experience the length of time it takes to complete a brand design project is largely dependent on the time each individual organisation takes to make and feed back their decisions. Assuming everything goes smoothly, a standard project may take anything from 4 to 6 weeks, although the bigger the project, the more time is usually required. We will always do everything possible to work around your own specific schedule.

Who will I deal with during my Elevation™ brand design project?


Unlike many design agencies, BML do not employ account managers. Instead, you deal with the client services team at the quoting stage, then once a project is commissioned you deal directly with the designer working on your project. This leads to simpler, more direct communication and far fewer misunderstandings and false promises. In circumstances where multiple team members are involved in a single project, all team members will be copied into communications to ensure continuity.

What do you mean by ‘effective’ brand design?

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When we talk about ‘effective’ brand design (or design in general), we mean design that delivers maximum impact from the investment you make. Doing this requires three things. Firstly it requires the strategic ability to understand your business and where it’s true marketable value lies, together with an in depth analysis of your customers – specifically the ones who will see the highest value in what you bring to the market. Secondly it requires the creative ability to connect your offering with your target customers through thoughtful and appropriate marketing communications. Finally it requires the intelligence to identify ways of tracking the results so that you understand if your investment has been sound. These are the three components that all BML brand design projects are built around and we believe are the keys to effectiveness.

Why do you price your branding and rebranding services into packages?

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2017 marked BML’s tenth anniversary. In the significant time we’ve been in business we’ve worked on a huge range of projects for a diverse range of organisations. We understand the fundamental components that are required to create a great brand. We also know that a huge range of marketing communication tools are needed to make your new brand work as hard as possible for your organisation. Our brand design and rebranding packages are carefully assembled to offer an increasing level of value, based on the complexity and number of marketing communication tools included.

In our experience, many organisations are unaware of what communication tools are required and how much this might effect the overall cost of a rebrand. Our packages are designed to make the costs of designing a brand totally as clear and simple as possible. However, we still offer customised packages to suit your individual needs if our default packages are unsuitable. Please contact us for details.

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