Search referral stats show huge Google monopoly

03 February 2011

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As we periodically do, we’ve just checked the search engine stats for referrals through to the BML Creative website – for the January period. We thought it might be worth sharing.

Search engine traffic

Google is generating 93.78% of all our search engine traffic, with Yahoo picking up just 3.5% and Bing a meagre 1.79% of all our search referrals. This is despite following each search engines’ webmaster protocols and having more than 150 pages indexed in all of them. As a company, we’ve always taken the stance that if your website isn’t generating traffic from Google web searches, there’s barely any point in having one – but the evidence is even greater than we thought. If anybody has any doubts about how much of a strangle-hold Google has over the UK search engine market, that should clear things up.

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