Rebranding for manufacturing, engineering and industrial businesses

08 June 2017

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Rebranding your manufacturing, engineering or industrial business is not something you should do lightly. It needs care and thought to make sure that your investment is wisely spent and brings you maximum return. BML’s unique strategic brand design service is carefully designed to help your business succeed.

Why should you rebrand your business?

Major benefits you might expect from rebranding your business include:

  • INCREASE PROFITS – by realigning your brand to target your most profitable customers.
  • RE-ENGAGE YOUR EXISTING CUSTOMERS – by demonstrating your ability to evolve and invest in your business.
  • MAINTAIN PACE WITH YOUR COMPETITORS – by embracing changes and shifts in your marketplace.
  • BREAK NEW MARKETS – by better positioning your brand, or adding additional niche sub-brands.
  • RAISE YOUR PERCEIVED VALUE – through a quality brand that connects with your highest value customers.
  • RE-ENERGISE YOUR TEAM – by showing you are looking to the future.
  • ATTRACT BETTER RECRUITS – by raising your profile and showing your business isn’t stuck in the past.
  • PROVE YOUR BUSINESS IS CURRENT – by keeping inline with latest trends and technology advances.
Elevation™ - strategic brand design and rebranding for growing organisations

Align your brand with your business strengths

Our ground-breaking Foundation Brand Strategy process lies at the centre of our strategic rebranding service. Foundation gives your rebrand a strategic edge by helping you to:

  • UNDERSTAND YOUR BUSINESS – by understanding the values that underpin everything you do
  • STAND OUT – by defining the areas your business is different from your competitors
  • INCREASE YOUR REVENUE – by concentrating your energy on your highest paying customer groups
  • BUILD LOYALTY – by realigning your brand with the most important values of your customers
  • INCREASE YOUR VALUE  – by ensuring your business is positioned correctly

Learn more about Foundation Brand Strategy

Foundation™ brand strategy workshop from BML

"Our new image, developed by the fantastic guys at BML, whose brilliant work exceeded all of our expectations, brought cohesion to our brand and strengthened our company values"

Irene Padron, Marketing Manager, BWD

Award-winning creativity

For your rebrand to be effective, it goes without saying that you need the execution to be flawless. Our multi-award winning creative team live and breathe brand design. Through our tried and tested creative process, we deliver ideas that engage your customers, stakeholders and push your business forward.

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Kirkstall Safes branding

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Zero risk to your business

Undertaking a rebrand is a large and complex endeavour, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be a risk. That is why all the work we produce is backed up by our unique Happiness Guarantee – our risk-free promise of quality to you.

How does it work?

BML Happiness Guarantee