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Royal British Legion
Remembrance Travel Brochure Design 2013

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Following a successful pitch against some top London agencies, BML were commissioned by The Royal British Legion to create the new travel brochure design for their Remembrance Travel division.

Remembrance Travel organise tours to battlefields and sites of historic significance all over the world. The new brochure had to strike a fine balance between appealing to potential travellers and being respectful of the memories of service people and their families.

Our design works within The Royal British Legion brand guidelines and features some striking images generously donated by superb photographer Archangel12 on Flickr.

remembrance travel brochure design - cover Cover
Remembrance Travel brochure design - intro spread Remembrance Travel brochure design - intro spread
remembrance travel brochure design - dps DPS
remembrance travel brochure design - tour info spread Tour info spread