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The BML team are proficient in data visualisation and information design, having worked on a variety of infographics and data visualisation projects, communicating all manner of information in clear graphic form. Featured on this page is a selection of highlights from the BML information design portfolio.

Interesting and clear visual representation of information, data and knowledge allows complex information to be presented to its intended audience quickly and in an engaging manner. At BML we believe that information doesn’t need to be boring and it gets its message across a lot better when it is interesting and arresting.

Our process at BML is to start by working with our clients and the supplied data / info to understand the key findings to be communicated. We will then sketch out various ideas by hand and discuss these with our client to agree a direction, before we finalise designs digitally.

Information design Data visualisation – Kantar Media
Information design Bringing large figures to life – Kantar Media
Information design Data close up – Kantar Media
Information design Infographics screen in situe – Kantar Media
Data visualisation initial concepts Hand drawn initial concepts – Kantar Media
Data visualisation Graphic chart – Kantar Media
Data visualisation Modern pie-charts with comparison – Kantar Media
Information design Variety of data visualisation – Kantar Media
Data visualisation Fine detail chart – Kantar Media
Information design Agenda for Kantar Media, Global Management Conference 2015