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Food Packaging

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Anand’s specialise in 100% vegetarian curries and sweets. The traditional homemade recipes that are used were reflected in the packaging designs through custom patterns and illustrations. An earthy colour palette was selected to help add an authentic and healthy feel, whilst remaining contemporary. Anand’s are predominantly known for their traditional Indian sweets, however they were venturing into a new market. To bring the brand in line with this, we reworked the logo so it no longer referenced sweets. The wordmark was simplified, so it no longer used outlines and a dated drop shadow effect. The result was a modern single-colour version. A leaf was also added to reference the fresh, vegetarian nature of their food.

Anand’s were keen to use photography of their food on the packaging. We visited the Leeds-based restaurant and oversaw the photography by the talented Martin Walker (@photog_MW) to ensure we got the right shots for the labels. In addition to the final products, we also ensured we got images of the individual ingredients.

Anand's Food Packaging Photography
Anand's Food Packaging Packaging
Anand's Food Packaging Photography
Anand's Food Packaging Photography
Anand's Food Packaging Branding
Anand's - Food packaging for convenience food range Anand's - Food packaging
Anand's Food Packaging Photography
Anand's Food Packaging Illustration