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BML Creative were approached by Canvasman to develop a new brand identity. Canvasman specialise in producing outdoor coverings for a variety of applications, including boat covers, shop canopies and upholstery.

The client wanted the golden ratio and natural design to feature heavily in the new brand. After exploring a variety of concepts we developed a shell graphic that follows the fibonacci spiral sequence found in nature. The shell graphic was appropriate because it offers cover to whatever’s inside – exactly what Canvasman’s products do. The graphic was combined with a modern, crisp typeface to create a logo with a beautiful, natural and timeless appeal.

Once the new logo was complete, we began a redesign of the company website. Canvasman produce a huge array of products, many of which have multiple variations and have a variety of names within the market. To help customers find the products they wanted more easily, we created a new image-based navigational structure designed to lead customers through to the exact product they were looking for.

The new website UI design site makes use of large background images which the client is able to update and add to via the CMS. Combined with subtle CSS3 transitions and semi-transparent design elements, the end result is a truly dynamic and engaging web presence.

Canvasman branding with fibonacci-based shell graphic Branding with fibonacci-based shell graphic
Canvasman website design Home page
Canvasman website design About page
Canvasman website design Responsive design