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15 December 2017

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In the run up to Christmas, before we headed off to the BML Christmas party, we thought we’d have another a Q&A session – just for a bit of fun!  So, let’s meet the team!

Getting to know BML

I’m Michelle and I once did a 100 mile round trip for a parmo. Gary is 14,841 days old and can balance almost anything on his chin. James is 10,883 days old and has a slight obsession with Thomas the Tank Engine. Directors, Dave and Natalie are collectively 27,973 days old and established BML Creative about 3900 days ago. They’ve recently started a kazoo band playing nursery rhymes and Christmas hits in local bars. Rik is 12,482 days old and once knitted the biggest scarf in Leeds. Kevin is almost infinite days old now but can run at least a mile a minute. *Disclaimer* – Some of these statements may be false or dramatised for our own amusement.

1. Who would you like to…

…receive a gift from? Dave: Elton John. Gary: Vic Reeves. James: James May – hopefully he’d get me something nerdy, like an Airfix kit! Kevin: David Lynch, it’d be something weird. Rik: Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins would definitely come up with something impressive and weird. He recently bought NWA maybe he’d give me a cool championship belt. Michelle: Prince Harry. Natalie: Claudia Winkleman… classy lady, good taste 🙂 …eat Christmas dinner with? Dave: Rob Brydon. Gary: Vic Reeves. James: I can’t think of any celebrities I actually like… Can I eat alone? Kevin: Tom Waits, wouldn’t you? Rik: Christmas dinner with Mark Hoppus from Blink 182 would be a blast. I’ve loved the band since I was around 4,999 days old and he comes across as a genuinely nice guy. Michelle: Mary Berry because hopefully she will have cooked it too… Natalie: Tom Kerridge (as long as he’s cooking!)… Seems like a thoroughly nice guy. …go to the pub with? Dave: Barack Obama. Gary: Vic Reeves. James: James May again, for some nerdy conversation. Kevin: Morrissey, reckon he’d be an entertaining drinking buddy. Rik: James Martin. He’s a Yorkshire lad, wouldn’t shy away from getting a round in and would probably pick some good pub snacks. Michelle: Jamie T. Natalie: Steve Martin… One of the funniest men alive and I bet he’s got some stories to tell.

2. What are the unwritten rules of BML Creative?

Dave: Never call Kevin by his real name. James: Have fun, tell bad jokes, drink dangerously high amounts of tea and coffee. Rik: The unwritten rule of any agency worth its salt is that the music has to be decent. Three strikes and you’re out! Kevin: I think the rules were brought in after I signed my contract. Natalie: Never turn down a cuppa / Last one out closes the blinds / Love thy neighbour.

BML Creative - Coffee round the table

3. What are your feelings about pineapple on pizza?

James: Works for me! Gary: I’m not even going to answer this question. Michelle: It just seems wrong. Natalie: Top choice! Exotic 😉 Rik: I’m all for it in the right situation. Everything in it’s right place n’ that. I like it with ham & pepperoni, but would never admit it in Naples.

4. A slender body, a tiny eye, no matter what happens, I never cry. What am I?

Dave: Posh Spice? James: A skinny cyclops with sealed tear ducts? Rik: Northern hard-man, Howard Moon? … Kevin, Natalie and Gary… A NEEDLE IS CORRECT! One point each.

5. Could you live without gravy?

Dave: Could anybody?! Gary: Yes, but in a mournful and sorry state. Rik: Life without gravy is as pointless as Black Sabbath without Ozzy. Natalie: Life without gravy would be very sad, bland and dry – so no. Michelle: It would be challenging. I actually have a tub of Bisto in my top drawer… You know, for emergencies.

6. Do you wish it could be Christmas every day?

Gary: Not with the amount of wrapping paper in our house. James: Noooo, otherwise it’d lose it’s magic! Michelle: Not everyday but I could do twice a year. Maybe a summer one? Kevin: No, October to December is quite enough Christmas.

7. Which Wall o'Fame design are you most proud of?

Dave: Clocks of Leeds. Gary: My tessellation for the nation. James: Fuelling the North – Beer, The North, Industrial landscapes… What’s not to like? Kevin: James’ Fuelling the North. Rik: Although my Monolith print from the Leeds Landmarks series has sold more so far, I’m prouder of my Polyhops print. I was so pleased with the end result! Natalie: It sounds like a cop-out, but all of them… I’m always blown away by these creative noggins!

8. What's the first thing you would do if you found out your life was actually like 'The Truman Show'?

Dave: Dig a very big hole. Gary: Delete my Macbook internet history. James: Have a breakdown. Natalie: Weep. Kevin: What, wait… It isn’t? Rik: I’d build a box to hide from the cameras for a while, just long enough to freak out for a bit. Then I’d go out to find the stairs. Michelle: Play along and start playing tricks on people.

9. When you were a youngster, how did you think Father Christmas delivered your presents?

Dave: Via the chimney – he still does. James: Well, my dad used to make footprints using icing sugar on the carpet leading from our gas fire. It was when I pointed out we didn’t have a proper chimney that he then accessed our house with his “magic key”… clever sod! Natalie: Sleigh, reindeer, the full shebang. Rik: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Kevin: I thought he shape-shifted into the form of my dad.

10. If you could banish one thing from the studio forever, what would it be?

Dave: Tight deadlines. James: Chocolate Orange Coffee… What was I thinking? Kevin: Jokes and/or James’ Spotify account. Rik: I’d introduce a “code word” into the studio, one that means “enough joking for a second, I need a serious answer!”. Michelle: The bright lights!

11. What sport would be the funniest to add a mandatory amount of alcohol to?

Dave: Ski jumping. Gary: Kabbaddi. James: BML indoor crazy golf got pretty tasty earlier this year, especially when I nearly shattered Kevin’s ankle with a shot which went slightly awry! Sorry K-Dog!

12. What has a head, a tail, is brown, and has no legs?

Dave: Kevin after a couple of Madeiran Ponchas. James: A muddy seal pup? Either that or a well-crafted pint of ale… Natalie: A little brown fish. Kevin: Is it Michelle’s quiz? Michelle: The answer is… A PENNY!

13. What would you name your reindeer if you had one?

Dave: Deadmeat. Gary: No ideer, or Susan. James: Mr Splendid, because that he would be. Kevin: Mister Christmas. Rik: If it was a proper Santa Claus one that could fly I’d call it Master Blaster. Otherwise, I’d call it Bernard. Michelle: Sky runner. Natalie: Bullwinkle.

14. Have you ever set a New Year resolution and stuck to it? What was it?

Natalie: I don’t set them… No time like the present if something needs changing! 😀 Michelle: I saw at least one live band every month for a year. Rik: My last New Year resolution was to not set one again. Life’s been good since.

15. Favourite project of 2017?

Dave: Digital Tyger Rebrand James: Working with the Royal British Legion for their rugby fundraiser was great fun. I finally got to create some team badges which has always been on my ‘like to do’ list Rik: We’ve worked on some great projects this year, but the work I’m most pleased with has been internal. The new BML website has seen us nominated for a few awards, and Clocks of Leeds felt like a personal victory as I’d been sitting on the idea for a long time! Kevin and Gary: Clocks of Leeds Natalie: The new BML branding, website and workshops.

16. If your five-year-old self suddenly found themselves inhabiting your current body right now, what would your five-year-old self do first?

Dave: Go play outside. Gary: Find a football and kick it. Natalie: Climb a tree. James: Drive to the nearest Wacky Warehouse! Kevin: Panic. Rik: Young Rik would be straight down to the toy shop. Young Rik would then be disappointed at the state of todays toys. Michelle: Go to the arcades and play on the games in the age restricted zone.

17. If you had to change your name, what would your new name be, and why?

Dave: Wolverine. Just because. Gary: Either Barry, Larry or Harry. To remind me of my former self. Kevin: Kelvin. Easy enough to add an ‘l‘ to passport, drivers licence etc. Rik: To paraphrase Greg Davies’ mum, they can never take your name.

18. If you were transported 200 years into the past with absolutely nothing, how would you prove that you were from the future?

Dave: I’d place outrageous bets on all the big sporting fixtures of the next 200 years and wait. Gary: Draw a picture of a lightbulb and a car and an aeroplane etc. Kevin: How could they prove I wasn’t? Rik: I’d resign myself to getting by as some sort of eccentric, bewildered seer, predicting the future for the rich and mighty with the help of Grays Sports Almanac. Michelle: Attempt to explain all the crazy inventions and probably be accused of being a witch. Natalie: Sing them a crazy amount of songs and draw them visions of the future! I’d be locked up for sure…

19. If you had to give someone at BML an award, what would it be and why?

Dave: Kevin – most cheery music catalogue. James: Dave: Best boss Kevin:  Rik. Digital Team of the Year. Because he’s worth it. Rik: The whole BML design team deserves an award for putting up with my grumbling and suggestions when we’re working on any project together! Natalie: The award for 3D face-folding excellence goes to… Gary

20. Highlight of the 2017?

Dave: DADI Award commendation for Best Website. Gary: The Christmas do – just wait and see, it was ace! – I’m from the future you know. James: Two seconds… Let me check my photos from the last year, I’ve done too much! By ‘eck… How could I forget?! Huddersfield Town being promoted to the Premier League of course! Kevin: Today, when Dave fell to pieces. We all laughed, high five. Rik: Being invited to write for Net Magazine, a publication I’ve been reading for about ten years! Natalie: The slowest, funniest game of glow-in-the-dark crazy golf.

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