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Marketing Campaign Pricing Packages

Marketing Campaign
Pricing Packages

Measurable, strategic and highly-focused marketing communication campaigns that win sales, drive engagement and change behaviours.

Choose either single advance payment, or in 6 equal monthly instalments*.
Enjoy a huge 20% discount when paying for any of our campaign packages in advance.



Perfect for small scale campaigns with a localised audience.

Included in Small:

  • Foundation™ Campaign Strategy
    our ground-breaking strategic service
  • Complete Campaign Creative
    delivered by our award-winning team
  • BML Happiness Guarantee
    our unique risk-free promise of quality
  • ROI Monitoring and Evaluation
    the insight you need to track success
  • Campaign Essentials
    everything your campaign needs to hit the ground running

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For complex campaigns requiring multiple creative concepts

Included in Medium:
Everything in Small, plus:

  • Additional Creative Concepts
  • Information Leaflet
  • Promotional Items
  • Roller Banner
  • Direct Mail Piece

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Take your campaigns to the next level with a digital marketing hub

Included in Large:
Everything in Medium, plus:

  • Microsite
  • Animated GIFs
  • Email Template
  • Large Format Advertising

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A large scale campaign solution that maximises audience engagement

Included in XL:
Everything in Large, plus

  • Exhibition Stand
  • Animated Video

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*Monthly payments are subject to a satisfactory credit check. We reserve the right to adjust our prices at any time.

Package Comparison

Marketing Campaign Creative

Strategically-designed communication campaigns with a focus on measurability.

Small Medium Large XL
Foundation™ Campaign Strategy iinfo Yes Yes Yes Yes
Happiness Guarantee iinfo Yes Yes Yes Yes
Creative Brief Writing iinfo Yes Yes Yes Yes
Moodboard Creation iinfo Yes Yes Yes Yes
Campaign Creative Concepts iinfo 1 3 3 3
Rounds of Amends iinfo Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Copyright iinfo Yes Yes Yes Yes
Campaign Effectiveness Measurement iinfo Yes Yes Yes Yes

Campaign Essentials

The marketing fundamentals your campaign needs to hit the ground running.

Poster Template iinfo Yes Yes Yes Yes
Flyer Template iinfo Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Signature Banner iinfo Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social Media Banners iinfo Yes Yes Yes Yes

Communication Toolkit

Highly targeted, creatively executed marketing communications designed to give maximum value for money.

Information Leaflet iinfo Yes Yes Yes
Promotional Items Yes Yes Yes
Roller Banners Yes Yes Yes
Direct Mail Piece Yes Yes Yes
Microsite Yes Yes
Animated GIF Yes Yes
Email Template Yes Yes
Large Format Advertising Yes Yes
Exhibition Stand Yes
Animated Video Yes

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Additional Services

Take your campaign even higher with one of our additional bolt-on services.

Market Research

From £5,995+VAT

Find out which creative concept is genuinely the most effective by running a comprehensive market research and analysis programme with your target audience.


From £3,695+VAT

Utilise the most powerful marketing tool at your disposal with a dynamic mobile-friendly website that is purposefully designed to build engagement and drive conversions.

Print Management


Ensure your marketing gets the finish it deserves with our print management service, covering everything from business cards to signage installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I don’t like the work?

Our brand design process is strategically designed to keep you informed at every stage of the brand design process. This means we are totally confident that the work we produce will be inline with your expectations and most importantly, be inline with the strategic objectives of your organisation. That said, we acknowledge that even the most strategically planned work can always be subject to personal opinion. This is why all the work we produce is backed up by our unique Happiness Guarantee.

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Do you offer printing services?

Yes, we offer a complete print management service for all our clients using our pre-approved network of high quality and cost-effective printers and installers. From the smallest items such as stickers and leaflets, to high-quality brochures with a massive range of specialist print finishes, point of sale and promotional items. We can also arrange signage installation for almost any sized project. Please contact us for a bespoke quotation.

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My project is secret, can you work under an NDA?

Yes, we are happy to work under an NDA if your project demands it and have done so in many circumstances in the past. Please contact us if you would like to arrange an NDA completion prior to discussing your project in full.

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Why is there a discount for paying in a single instalment?

Like any business, we depend on prompt payment from our clients to  ensure everything runs smoothly. We offer a 20% discount to customers who are able to pay for their project in advance, as a thank you for minimizing administration time and making our operation run more smoothly.

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Marketing campaigns that deliver real value for money

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"From day one, BML Creative have been incredibly responsive to our needs; they understand our business, but more importantly they understand our markets and what we are trying to convey to them."

Michael Lewin Solicitors

Foundation™ Campaign Strategy

Built around an intensive one day workshop, BML's Foundation™ campaign strategy process is designed to build engagement with your audience. From customer and behavioural change journeys, to campaign positioning and audience profiling, Foundation™ lays the platform for superior marketing campaign performance.

Foundation™ – brand strategy and marketing campaign strategy

Happiness Guarantee

We have total confidence in the effectiveness of our approach and how well it works for you. This is why we make you this unique promise: If you are unhappy with any of the creative work we produce on a specific project following an agreed brief, we will continue to work on it for free for you until you are. If we still can’t deliver, we will return your project fee. No questions asked. Read more.

BML Happiness Guarantee

Creative Brief Writing

Whether you supply a brief, or not, we always write our own internal creative brief and get you to sign it off before any work takes place. This makes it clear to you that we understand all of your requirements right from the word go.

Creative brief writing for brand design and marketing campaigns

Moodboard Creation

Even the most strategic design can be very subjective, so we create moodboards for your new campaign. Drawn from a wide range of past, present and future influences, our moodboards set the creative tone for your marketing campaign and helps us establish your personal preferences. This means we don't waste time on ideas you'll never connect with.

Concept mood board for brand design and marketing campaigns

Campaign Creative Concepts

Using multi-page creative concept stylesheets, we generate alternative flavours for your new marketing campaign and how it will be used on the channels we have identified to drive engagement. To reduce costs in our Small package, we only include one creative concept. However, we believe the best campaigns come when there are 3 concepts presented in order to explore a range of visual styles. Every package from Medium upwards includes 3 concepts and every concept includes campaign name generation, logotype (also referred to as campaign 'branding') and strap-line generation. Our creative team have developed multiple award-winning campaigns, so you know your marketing budget is in safe hands.

Rounds of Amends

We appreciate all projects will require revisions. To expedite the feedback process, we request amends to be collated into a single batch which we tackle as a 'round', before sending back for further review. Most of our marketing campaign projects take 2-3 rounds of amends before we agree sign-off, but as per the terms of our Happiness Guarantee, we will work on it until you are happy.

Rounds of amends for brand design and marketing communication campaigns


We keep things very simple when it comes to copyright. All the final work we produce for you becomes your intellectual property once we have received full payment for the project. The only caveat, is that we reserve the right to feature the work in our own promotional material, including case studies on our website. This is all great exposure for your organisation and who knows, might even lead to some awards!

Copyright for brand design and marketing campaigns

Campaign Effectiveness Measurement

We understand how essential it is to deliver value for money and how the majority of our clients are under the same pressures. It is for that reason, that our primary objective is to prove that the campaign we deliver helps your organisation succeed. To help realise this goal, we help identify Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) which will help you to track the impact the new campaign has on your organisation. Wherever possible we will ensure that each campaign channel we suggest has a specific point of measurement, so you can assess how each of the different channels is performing. This helps you to maximise your marketing budget on the channels that gain most traction.

Brand effectiveness measuring and kpi monitoring for marketing campaigns

Poster Template

Marketing campaigns require strong advertising in order to succeed and whether that is a small scale campaign for an internal audience, or a campaign to a global customer base, the poster design is often the linchpin. We will design you a custom single page A3 poster that you can use to get your campaign on the charge. We design your poster in super-hi-res format, so that it can be easily scaled up for larger formats including A2, A1, A0 and beyond.

Flyer Template

Being able to quickly distribute information relating to your campaign both face-to-face and passively, is critical. Flyers present the perfect, cost-effective way to do this. They are ideal for direct mail door-drops, face-to-face handouts, leave behinds from meetings and also the perfect medium for distribution in public areas such as reception areas, and information stands. We will design you a custom double-sided A5 flyer to promote your new campaign, including assistance with copywriting if required.

Email Signature Banner

Email is the number one communication tool for any organisation and presents a fantastic opportunity to promote your new campaign for free. We design a custom email banner (approximately 450px x 90px) which you can append to your existing email signature. Where possible, we will look for ways to add value, such as links to social media about the campaign, or your campaign micro-site.

Social Media Banners

It is absolutely vital to the success of any marketing campaign that you leverage the power of social networks. Not only do they give you access to a global audience, but the vast majority are completely free. We will adapt your primary poster graphics and campaign messages to create a minimum of 3 images that are specifically formatted to be used on the most popular social media sites (including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin).

Information Leaflet

Being able to supply more detailed information relating to your campaign is very useful, particularly when you are driving awareness of a new product or service. We will design you a 4 page A5 information leaflet (or equivalent) with a strong call to action designed to educate your audience about your campaign subject and drive them to further points of information.

Promotional Items

Roller Banners

Direct Mail Piece


Animated GIF

Email Template

Large Format Advertising

Exhibition Stand

Animated Video

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