What makes a good designer – client relationship?

10 September 2016

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A successful designer – client relationship requires a strong foundation of mutual understanding and respect. Our clients speak directly to the designers so nothing is lost in translation.

Communication and Transparency

For any relationship to work, good communication and transparency is important. Meaningful design work stems from a clear brief which lays down the requirements and expectations up front. This is a good way to prevent unexpected obstacles cropping up further down the line. Click here for brief writing tips!

Throughout the project you will talk to the designers, whether it’s by email or by phone; make sure what you say is clear. Unfortunately, designers can’t read minds so if there is a goal you a trying to reach or a deadline you need to hit – tell them. If you have a burning question – ask it! It may reveal critical information and put the project on a new path. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Trust and Collaboration

Trust your designers’ creativity and knowledge – they are the experts after all. If you’re unsure about something, ask them – a good designer should be able to justify their every move. Educated conclusions are a result of time spent researching. Equally, if you have an idea or feedback make sure you can justify the reasons behind your suggestion – designers are always open to constructive criticism, but they need to be able to understand your thought process.

Friendliness and Positivity

Last but not least; some positivity and friendliness goes a long way. Building lasting working relationships is made easier when everyone gets along and is confident about the project. A positive attitude, reliability and honesty can make all the difference in establishing a successful long-term partnership.

If you think you’d like to get to know our designers and start a lasting relationship, don’t be shy – get in touch! Tweet us @BMLcreative or email studio@bml-creative.co.uk

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