Instagram’s Growing Community

07 July 2016

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500 million and growing: Celebrating Instagrams growing community and why you should get your business involved.

Expanding community

Instagram recently announced they now have 500 million users. The success and growth of this online community comes as no surprise with the social media boom in recent years. Proving its mastery of the mobile domain, Instagram’s user base is growing faster than the overall social network usage – Growing 15.1% this year, compared to 3.1% overall growth for the social network sector. The recent rebranding efforts, although largely criticised, hasn’t deterred the users. Critics thought Mark Zuckerberg was crazy paying $1 billion in 2012; Instagram was labeled a risky purchase. The chance has paid off with the growth not expecting to stop here and users expected to double in the next four years.

Why for Business:

It seems the photo and video enabled content is perfectly in line with how mobiles are now being used. The Millennials are the younger generation that have changed the way mobile browsing is used to communicate, gather and share information. Businesses need to keep up with the ever-evolving ways to keep themselves on top of the game. As Instagram’s growth is positively progressing, there is no better time to get your business involved. The mobile app is a platform to showcase, market and communicate with a diverse audience on a global scale. Instagram is a valuable marketing tool, creating possibilities for users to discover who you are, and what you do. Instagram can be used to display authentic expression, efficiently helping to bring a company closer to the people. Get involved, you never know how it could improve your business.

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