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27 July 2018

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Instagram’s new feature has been launched, IGTV is here! The more frequent Instagram users amongst us might have spotted the new button appearing in the app but if not, here’s the low-down to bring you up to speed.

BML Journal – Instagram IGTV

What is it?

Five years after the launch of video on Instagram, they have launched IGTV. The app has gone from strength to strength, with Instagram now being a one billion person community. IGTV is a new stand-alone app for watching longer, vertical videos from the accounts you follow. The new feature is also embedded within the Instagram app so you can also watch the content from there too!

What’s new?

IGTV videos can be up to one hour long and aren’t limited to the one-minute Instagram rule we have all come to terms with. The feature has been created with mobile in mind, distinguishing itself from rivals like YouTube by displaying full-screen, vertical videos making better use of your smartphone. We can now enjoy video content in a better way!

How do I get started?

The new feature is simple and intuitive and there are two ways to use it. The first is to click the IGTV icon which is located on the top right corner of your Instagram app (- right next to the DM paper plane icon) and it will start playing content from your favourite channels. So-called “channels” is basically another way of saying “profiles”. The video content from people you follow on Instagram will be ready for you to view instantly. The other way is through the stand-alone app which you can download from the app store. You can switch between, “following” showing you the latest videos from profiles you follow, “popular” will display videos other people in the IGTV community are watching, and “continue watching” will let you finish videos you started viewing.

How can I be a creator?

Anyone can be an IGTV creator. You don’t have to be a celebrity to get involved. Just upload your own video into the app to start your very own IGTV channel. To get started, open up the new app and click your profile picture on the right. It will prompt you to create a channel and guide you through the steps. Once that’s all done you just need to press the plus button and upload your content.   We look forward to seeing what IGTV content you create!

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