How much does it cost to design a brand?

25 July 2017

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We want to make your decision to opt for BML as simple as possible and to make any decision, it is important to understand what things cost.

To help you decide if we’re the right branding agency for you, we thought it was important to give you clarity over how we price our brand design services.

Before going further, if you are in any way confused by what the term ‘branding’ means, please read this article.

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How much does brand design cost?

Elevation™ is our ground-breaking brand design service, strategically designed to help take businesses of all sizes to a higher level.

Our Elevation™ brand design service includes all the elements required for an effective brand identity that wins you sales. From our Foundation™ brand strategy process, to brand design concepts delivered by our multi-award winning creative team, everything we deliver is strategically designed to help your business grow.

Your brand is just one part of the equation. You also need all the marketing communication tools to get your brand message in front of your customers. Each of our branding packages can be accompanied with a range of marketing communication pieces that bring ever-higher levels of value to your business. From the basics such as business cards that make an immediate impression to cutting-edge sales decks and company brochures, everything we do is designed to deliver maximum return on your rebranding investment.

Because every business is unique, our branding services are too. If you want to find out how much your specific branding project might cost, then, please…

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