BML launch Groundwork™ – the world’s first totally FREE online Brand Audit

30 May 2017

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Press Release: The world’s first totally free online brand audit has been released by Leeds-based branding agency, BML Creative.

Introducing Groundwork™

UK-based brand design studio, BML have just announced the release of their new, Groundwork™ Brand Audit service, believed to be the world’s first totally free online brand audit. The Groundwork™ Brand Audit has been designed to educate business owners, brand managers and marketing teams on using their brand to help business growth. BML’s Creative Director, Dave Holloway said, “With the increasing rise of the internet and its subsequent influence on B2B and B2C buying behaviour, a company brand has never been so important. Brand perception plays a huge role in how successful your business can be, especially with the majority of buyers looking to deal – at least in the first instance – at arms length from the seller. “It is critical that businesses understand how their current brand will be influencing the decisions of their target customers. Doing so should help them to appreciate how business is likely being won and lost. This leads to smarter marketing decisions. Smarter marketing decisions means more effectiveness and more effective marketing is the path to business growth.” The new Groundwork™ Brand Audit has been designed for the busy professional. Taking less than 2 minutes to complete, it comprises of 8 short yes/no questions, which focus on the aspects of branding that have the most impact on business growth. The results of the audit are displayed instantly with no sign-up required and each user gets their own brand health score based on the answers provided. On offering the world’s first totally free online brand audit – “We wanted to make it easy for people to see how their brand is currently performing.” commented Holloway. “There are other brand audits out in the world which claim to be free, but they all seem to be cloaked – hidden behind a contact form in one shape or another. We didn’t want to force people to give up their personal details just to get educated – that goes against the way we like to do business.” The primary purpose of offering a totally free audit, is to educate businesses on the important role a brand plays in business growth. “We’ve worked with many types of business and getting decision makers to realise the importance of their brand is often a difficult task.” said Holloway. “This is because people regularly fail to grasp the significance of the connection between the external perception of a business and buying behaviour. The purpose of Groundwork™ is to get businesses thinking about this link so they can begin to understand why it matters. “Whilst the audit results do not cover the specific situations of each individual business, they provide excellent general feedback and action points that should apply to any organisation.” The Groundwork™ Brand Audit service is live and accessible via the BML website: For more information and comment, please contact: Dave Holloway Creative Director BML Creative Ltd E. T. 0113 388 0035

BML Groundwork

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