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A strategic rebrand for one of Yorkshire's fastest growing engineering firms

Sewtec Automation

Sewtec Automation is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of bespoke automation systems. The company has a blue-chip client list with a distinguished heritage that dates back to 1897 where they were the design and development arm of the legendary Singer Sewing Machines.

Following a successful MBO mid-2017, a visionary new management team took the helm, determined to take Sewtec to new heights by doubling company turnover to £32m within 5 years. Sewtec commissioned BML to develop a new brand that would help make this ambitious target a reality.

Sewtec workshop

A need to shift perceptions

The automation market is mature, with fierce competition from organisations of varying size and capacity across Europe and beyond. Whilst the company had done very well from referrals and word of mouth, to achieve the targets it had set, the majority of growth would have to come from new customer acquisition.

Unfortunately, the old Sewtec brand was showing its age. It failed to reflect the calibre of work they delivered and the management widely acknowledged it was no longer fit for purpose. The net result was the perception of Sewtec to those outside the business was not as positive as it could be. If the right new conversations were to be started, those perceptions would need to change for the better.

Previous Sewtec brand logo
Sewtec workshop (aerial view)

A solid strategic Foundation™

It is easy to shift the perceptions of a business. What isn’t easy is shifting those perceptions in a way that is consistent with the actual value a business can deliver, whilst simultaneously helping them to occupy the correct position in their market.

To make sure our creative work was correctly informed, we guided Sewtec through our Foundation™ Brand Strategy process. This helped us to uncover the unique values, personality, positioning and target audience insights, upon which we could build a strong and effective brand value proposition.

Sewtec’s order book reached £25m during 2018, the highest the company has achieved since it was founded in 1982.

Source: Sewtec Automation Ltd.

A new value proposition

Sewtec is a global operation. From their base in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, they export roughly 80% of their work to countries all over the world for global giants such as Nestle, Glaxo Smith Kline and Unilever.

Their products are high-quality and engineered to withstand the most demanding environments. These are distinct advantages they have over the competition.

The new Sewtec brand value proposition plays to these strengths – ‘Built To Last’. ‘Built’ is a word closely aligned with Sewtec’s core values. It symbolises strength, engineering and robustness.

Sewtec headlines (tone of voice)
Sewtec employee in new uniform

Building a new brand

Taking reference from the automation process; repetition, evolution and forward momentum are represented in the logo. It is also representative of a fingerprint which highlights the bespoke nature of the automation solutions provided by Sewtec.

Abstracted patterns are taken from the logo to create a bold visual style. Coupled with a new brand typeface (Facit) and photography from the talented Mark Newton, the overall visual language takes on a confident, yet approachable feel.  

Sewtec logo abstract pattern
Sewtec responsive logo animation
Sewtec brand guidelines
Sewtec automation service icons
Sewtec logo (embossed)


Sewtec’s previous website was in desperate need of an overhaul. The hierarchy and visual style was disjointed and confusing.

Building a fully responsive website from the ground up allowed BML to start afresh and implement Sewtec’s bold new style, a much more usable menu and new features such as a dynamic full-screen video on the home page. Cross linking relevant content is also a key part of the site, enabling users to find what’s relevant faster.

Sewtec mobile website
Sewtec desktop website

Printed Material

As part of the rebranding exercise, Sewtec also required updated stationery and template documents as well as a new corporate brochure which featured an unusual short cover. 

Sewtec Automation Corporate Brochure Cover
Sewtec quotation document cover
Sewtec workshop machine
Sewtec Automation Corporate Brochure Spread


We are delighted to be working with BML. They have created an exciting new brand and website that will assist us with our growth strategy to reach new clients and markets worldwide.

Mark Cook, Managing Director – Sewtec

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