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Launching a high-end, bespoke safe brand to reach an exclusive customer base

Opulent Safes

As part of Safe & Vault’s desire to branch out and strengthen its position in the asset protection market, a new luxury sub-brand was developed, Opulent Safes, targeting customers at the highest end of the market.

Opulent Safes is an exclusive range of crafted safes which are all handmade in the UK. Each model is fully customisable to suit the customers’ exact requirements, and this is reflected in the luxurious visual style that was created.

Intricate details

A rich, traditional colour palette of chocolate, cream and gold are used throughout, giving the branding an established and high-end feel. Typography mixes the traditional with the modern, creating a prestigious look.

The logo is an elaborate ‘O’ which symbolises protection. The shapes reference the intricate details of valuable objects that are likely to be housed within a safe. With the interlocking structure hinting towards the mechanism of a safe. The symbol is used in a repetitive pattern, which is applied throughout the branding to give an extra level of finesse.

Opulent Safes brand pattern
Opulent Safes main logo
Opulent Safes foil logo
Opulent Safes safe detail
Opulent Safes promotional leaflet
Opulent Safes brand guidelines

A platform to perform

The design and development of the Opulent Safes website followed shortly after the rebranding process. The website was designed with elegance and simplicity in mind, so it appeals to the discerning audience. Parallax scrolling is utilised on the header bars to give an extra level of detail.

Opulent Safes desktop website animation

Metallic accents

The corporate stationery uses a textured Oyster stock giving a premium feel. An extra level of detail sees the ornate symbol in the logo picked out in gold foil.

Opulent Safes stationery


Before we launched the Opulent Safes brand, we would struggle to generate enquiries, even though we knew we had a great product that offered real value to the market. The existing brands were simply targeted at a different customer base, which was very different to anyone who would be shopping for a top-of-the-range solution. Thanks to the strategic insights and quality of creative execution provided by the BML team, we now have the tools to attract and open conversations with customers who were previously beyond our reach.

Adam Greenaway – Managing Director, Opulent Safes

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