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Disrupting a long-established industry with a bold new brand from the heart of industrial Leeds

Kirkstall Safes

Kirkstall Safes design and build high-quality, customisable safes for the home and office. Made in Yorkshire by a team at the forefront of the security industry, they use their knowledge and experience to deliver total peace of mind.

Kirkstall Safes needed a brand identity that reflected the strength and reliability of their products.

Kirkstall Safes metallic

Industrial heritage

The name of the company was chosen based on the location of their premises in Kirkstall, Leeds. Kirkstall and its rich industrial heritage inspired the creative direction (logo development below).

Kirkstall Forge lays claim to being the longest continually used industrial site in Britain founded in the 13th century. The earliest known activity on the site was a medieval mill race which supplied water to power the corn mill at Kirkstall Abbey. Iron production took place at the forge from the 1580s onwards. Referencing Kirkstall’s strong industrial roots through the brand identity helps to highlight the company’s values of being high quality, British made, strong and trustworthy.

Kirkstall Safes brass hub cap reference: Kirkstall Safes machinery reference:
Kirkstall Safes logo development

Kirkstall and its rich industrial heritage inspired the creative direction

The logo

Focusing on the industrial heritage of Kirkstall, the logo makes reference to the original Kirkstall Forge signage. The squareness of the outer border hints at the shape of a safe, along with its enclosing and protective nature.

Kirkstall Safes logo on furnace
Kirkstall Safes logo on iron ore


The colour palette continues the forge theme: the red ‘Furnace’ highlight colour is instantly recognisable and represents strength and leadership within the marketplace.

Kirkstall Safes colours

Brand application

The photography direction highlights practices from the metalworking and forging process. This is a visual metaphor for the strength that is built into Kirkstall Safes’ products and again links in with the history of the area. The design direction is minimal, honest, confident and approachable.

Kirkstall Safes website
Kirkstall Safes business cards Kirkstall Safes ink stamp

Forge: To make or shape a metal object by heating it in a furnace. To create something strong, enduring or successful

Kirkstall Safes branding

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