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Branding, design and marketing communications for a global giant in media research and analysis

Kantar Media

BML are proud to have been a trusted partner to Kantar Media for a number of years. Kantar Media are global market leaders, providing their clients with the most comprehensive and accurate intelligence on media consumption, performance and value. Their work constantly looks to the future and their marketing communications and event branding demand the same.

Kantar Media World Audiences Summit 2016 delegates

World Audiences Summit

For several years we have provided a full event branding service for the World Audiences Summit, hosted by Kantar Media. The three-day event covers all aspects of audience measurement, featuring insights from some of the industry’s leading thinkers. Due to the logistical challenges involved with holding a large global event, planning starts many months in advance and demands complete focus right up to the opening drinks.

Kantar Media World Audiences Summit 2016 handbook cover
Kantar Media World Audiences Summit 2013 conference sail
Conference talk at Kantar Media World Audiences Summit 2013 Delegates networking at Kantar Media World Audiences Summit 2013

Event Branding Deliverables

The list of collateral items required for each summit is vast. Design elements include:

  • Brand concepts
  • Brand guidelines
  • Delegate packs
  • Environmental design
  • Digital presentation material
  • Email marketing
  • Graphic design
  • User interface design
  • Stage set design
Kantar Media World Audiences Summit 2016 iPad app
Event branding for Kantar Media World Audiences Summit
Kantar Media World Audiences Summit 2013 conference
Kantar Media World Audiences Summit 2016 networking delegates

Over the past 6 years the World Audiences Summit has visited 5 different continents, representing 41 different markets.

Data Visualisation

One of our key roles for Kantar Media is the creative interpretation of large and often, highly complex data sets. Whether for internal review, or releasing to a global audience, information clarity and driving audience engagement are always the number one priorities.

Kantar Media Audiences Matter TV & Video Measurement Spread
Kantar Media Orchestrating Success Conference Agenda infographic
Kantar Media Twitter Data visualisation
Kantar Media Audiences Matter Annual data visualisation

Audiences Matter Annual

Design and art direction for Audiences Matter – the annual round-up of all Kantar Media’s insights from the audience measurement industry for the year. It comprises of opinion pieces, thought leadership and future-facing articles. Aimed as a key giveaway at global client events and also as a reference piece for future work, Audiences Matter is a critical deliverable to the organisation with multiple uses and an international scope.

Kantar Media Audiences Matter annual - handbook infographics
Kantar Media Audiences Matter annual cover
Kantar Media Audiences Matter handbook design and data visualisation

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