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Helping the market leader in premium garage equipment build a brand fit for the future


JD Garage Equipment Ltd (JDGE) is a family run business and the largest independent garage equipment company in the UK. They serve a diverse range of high-end clients who are looking for a different and innovative approach to workshop design.

A fork in the road

JDGE were aware that their brand needed some attention. Following a competitive tendering and evaluation process, BML were commissioned to develop a new brand for JDGE that would help to support and further accelerate its already phenomenal market growth.

Everard worker

A dynamic new direction

We guided the client through our Foundation Brand Strategy™ process which enabled is to agree a new set of meaningful brand values, a clear value proposition and a bold new brand promise – Workshops of the future™.

It also became clear that the existing JDGE name was not aligned to the ‘dynamic’ essence of the brand. So, following a detailed brand naming exercise led by BML, the decision was made to change the business name to Everard, honouring the current Directors, James and Nick Everard together with their father and founder, John Everard.


The brand mark within the new Everard logo is an abstract capital ‘E’ is created by two smaller capital E’s which references the three founding members of the Everard family. The smaller E’s are shaped liked wings which reference speed, lightness and performance which is associated with prestige automobiles. A strong arrow shape is created which references motion towards the future.

Everard - new logo
Everard stamp - embossed paper

Guidelines & Application

A detailed set of new guidelines define the way the new brand is brought to life. Each application utilises a stripped back, minimalist approach with bold imagery and quality materials  to add an air of sophistication and confidence in the way the brand communicates. This follows through to all applications, from print and signage to advertising and digital.

Everard brand guidelines
Everard business cards
Everard product range catalogue
Everard Lamborghini garage
Everard icons animation
Everard website mockup
Everard stationery
Everard advertising
Everard garage installation

Honestly, I can’t speak highly enough of BML. They saved me a lot of time and their level of professionalism was simply outstanding. Precision. Great ideas. Practical solutions. Essential assets. Friendly comms. Outstanding results. Our rebrand has gone flawlessly and been really well received. BML understand our industry and language – they’re certainly not the typical creative agency.

Nik Hewitt, Senior Marketing Manager, Everard
Everard office interior
Everard brochure spread
Everard office team

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