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Helping a visionary waste metal processor to double their turnover inside 12 months

Elemental Resource Management

AWT waste recycling recently migrated their business activities from a trading company to a processing company. They invested in new premises, new processing equipment and subsequently needed to develop a new value proposition and brand identity to reflect these exciting developments.

Due to the significant change in business activities, and in an attempt to overcome any pre-existing notions of the services that the company provides, the decision was taken to change their name to ‘Elemental Resource Management’. The main focus of Elemental’s business is now the extraction and processing of precious metals from secondary materials (including those used in industrial and automotive components, machinery and electronic devices).

Elemental logo on white background
Elemental logo on grey background Elemental logo on gold background

One step ahead

Our branding workshop helped to establish Elemental’s brand values and personality. It also identified their target audience and how best to communicate with them. These findings and research became the basis on which the design process was then built.

The logo takes the form of a simple wordmark. The lower segment of the ‘l’ is shifted to the right, communicating the idea of being ‘one step ahead’ as well as representing the metal extraction process itself. The ‘pixel’ is highlighted in gold (unless using the gold background), hinting at the precious metals which are extracted.

Elemental stationery

Within 12 months of launching are new brand, we have doubled its turnover largely thanks to growth from international markets.

Russ Bowerman, CEO, Elemental Resource Management


Starting with the company’s old logo from its previous name (left), various ideas were generated and developed around themes of processing / changing / evolving. The ‘one step ahead’ route (right) was selected as the final logo for its simplicity, sophistication and ability to better serve the affluent and aspirational client base of the company.

Elemental logo development


As well as the brand identity we also created a full suite of materials for Elemental. These included stationery, website, icons, exhibition graphics, corporate brochure and email template.

Elemental service icons
Elemental website homepage


The gold colour is suggestive of the precious metals which are extracted as part of the process. The spectrum of greys make reference to the different types of metal component from which the precious metals are recovered.

White is also an important part of the colour palette and is used to create confident open spaces which lend sophistication and communicate the transparency of the business in general.

Elemental colours
Elemental stand graphic 2
Elemental stand graphic 1

Our branding workshop helped to establish Elemental’s brand values and personality.

Elemental promotional F1 car


BML also developed a new sub-brand for Elemental called CatBox. The revolutionary new service allows sellers to manage the sale of their used catalytic converters on their own terms, helping to maximise the value gained. To support the launch of the new service, we developed a new CatBox logo, additional content for the website and a promotional animation which can be seen below.

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