‘Engineering Customers’ – A practical guide to improving B2B lead generation

14 March 2019

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Despite the pivotal role that manufacturing, engineering and industrial businesses play in most economies, many remain firmly behind the curve when it comes to understanding and utilising the techniques required in marketing a business that sells B2B in the modern age.

The challenges of a global economy are significant. Buyers are busy and competition is more fierce than ever. It has never been more important for a business to find meaningful ways of standing out from the crowd.

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Understand how buyers think

Sadly, the lack of understanding about how B2B prospects seek-out and select new suppliers, means more and more businesses are failing to realise their true potential. Even worse, many run the risk of becoming totally irrelevant.

Engineering Customers‘ is a practical guide that has been written specifically to help B2B companies like manufacturers, engineers and industrial businesses understand and overcome the challenges of business development, in an environment where the balance of power in the sales process increasingly shifts to the buyer.

A simple, practical guide for B2B sellers

Drawing on knowledge acquired through almost 20 years of experience working with leading businesses across multiple industry sectors, Engineering Customers breaks down the seemingly unfathomable B2B buying process into four simple steps – Searching, Filtering, Assessing and Selecting.

Throughout each step, you will gain an understanding of the buyer thought process and learn what can be done to help influence their decisions.

We hope that this guide encourages more businesses to embrace the potential of inbound lead generation as ultimately, it is the route that offers the greatest reward when marketing any business, especially if that business sells on a B2B level.

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