How does design add value to your business?

06 April 2017

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As a design agency, we are driven by the value we can bring to your organisation and design adds value! The Design Council produced a report highlighting how valuable design can be. The evidence from the fact-finder shows the positive impact design can have on business growth and success; including increasing market share, turnover and competitiveness.

The first steps

Taking those first steps towards becoming a design-alert business are the most important. It may seem like a big leap if you’ve let your brand design slip into the past but the pros definitely outweigh the cons – making it very worthwhile. Keeping your business consistently on brand can save time, adding value. One small step for man… “Every £100 a design-alert business spends on design increases turnover by £225” Design Council That’s an average design investment of 125% ROI.

How does design add value to your business?

Designing for engagement

Once you’ve taken the leap and are becoming design-alert you can really start competing in your market. Design helps people build a connection between them and you. The connection with brands and businesses can encourage interaction and purchases. Market share can seem tricky to conquer and 6.3% doesn’t seem like a big deal but let me put it into perspective for you. Aldi’s share of the grocery market in 2016 was 6.2% – not too shabby, ‘ey?

On average, design-alert businesses increase their market share by 6.3% through using design

Design Council

Once you have taken your very well-deserved slice of the market, you will want to keep the design-alert momentum going. Shares in design-led businesses outperform key stock market indices by 200%! If that isn’t reason enough to invest in design then I’m not sure what is. Having this presence in the market will naturally draw attention to your company, allowing you to successfully compete against others in your market. “Shares in design-led businesses outperform key stock market indices by 200%” Design Council

Future Economic Performance

Many of you will already know how important design is for your business and two thirds of UK businesses believe that design is integral to future economic performance. “2/3 of UK businesses believe that design is integral to future economic performance” The Design Council

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