Christmas Q+A

13 December 2016

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With Christmas just around the corner and excitement in the air, I thought I’d lighten the mood with a fun blog post – Christmas Q+A with some of the team to find out all of those things, that you never wanted to know…

I’ll start with an easy one, Dominos or Pizza Hut?

Everyone: Dominos James: Pizza Hut… (Someone isn’t going to be happy on pizza day!)

In a world where anything goes, what would you have as a pet?

Well the BML wildlife would be an interesting sight… David Attenborough would be in his element with these crazy animals… Dave would have a little baby orangutan that swings from his desk and James an armadillo. Kevin would have a robotic ocelot and Andy a velociraptor… Good luck with that guys! Rik wouldn’t change his dog Poppi for the world… aww!


If you were one of Santa’s reindeers, which one would you be and why?

James and Dave: Comet – For slightly different reasons, James wants to be a space man and Dave bought his first vacuum cleaner from there…

Music or Films?

Music won 3 v 2. We wouldn’t get much done if we were watching films all day.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Dave: Flying James: Teleporting Andy: “I’d like to be able to control the weather – solve climate change and make sure days off were always sunny ones!” Rik: “Invisibility – only so I could eat in every restaurant, with or without a reservation!” Kevin: “I would have the ability to remember everything I’ve ever read, seen or heard.” Michelle: “One superpower – I’d like to be able to give other people superpowers.”

Can you play any instruments?

Yes! – The BML band would have the sweet sounds of many guitars, clarinet, triangle, piano, drums and the bass.

Name one thing you like and one thing you dislike:

Kevin: Good whisky / Bad whisky. Rik: Freshly baked bread / Clickbait articles with misleading or overly sensational headlines. Andy: Burgers / Donald Trump. James: Scotland / Tea with fish and chips. Dave: Cycling / Olives. Michelle: Live music / When you go to drink your drink, but you’ve already drank it.

What’s your party trick?

Dave: Juggling James: Imitation of a ‘gravity tube’ (It’s really good, make sure to ask him about it) Michelle: “I can make my tongue into a 3 leaf clover shape.” Rik, Andy and Kevin are party poopers and haven’t yet unlocked their trick.

What do you prefer, turkey or pigs in blankets?

Kevin, Andy, Michelle, Dave: Pigs in blankets Dave: Turkey Rik: “As much as I love pigs in blankets, I’d have to go with turkey. P.i.B’s are a side-dish, but if someone takes your turkey you’ve only got half a meal.” James: Kilted sausages…

Pick a film title to explain your life:

Dave: Mr Nice Guy Kevin: Lost Highway Rik: The Wrong Trousers Andy: Fast and Furious 7 Michelle: Up James: Trainspotting

What was your childhood nickname?

In an attempt, not to embarrass anyone, collectively BML would go by Small-nose-Hollowhead-Bambi-Lodgend. (Please don’t call us that!)

If you could be someone for one day, who would it be?

Andy would be James but James would be Barry Scott. Rik:  “I’d like to be Formula 1 driver Kimi Raikkonen; he has a cool job, lives in an awesome country and seems to do whatever he likes.” Kevin would be David Lynch and Dave would be Barack Obama – I’m sure Barack Obama would pick Dave in return.

Who would you rather be for the day, The Queen or Ozzy Osbourne in his heyday?

Dave, Andy, Michelle: Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy James: The Queen

Rik: “Ozzy, as he got to hang around with some of my favourite bands when he was at the height of his powers.”

Kevin: “Neither is particularly appealing but I would have to say The Queen as only Ozzy could survive a day as Ozzy in his heyday.” – TRUE!  

Name one thing on your bucket list.

Dave: “Skydive” James: “Go to Iceland to see the Northern Lights.” Kevin: “Visit Japan” Michelle: “Do the VooDoo zip line over the Vegas strip.” Andy: “Embark on a massive cycling journey.” Rik: “To see the Northern Lights. I don’t even mind which country I see them from, but I’d love to spend a few hours out with a camera watching the northern lights.”

So there you have it – Some completely useless facts about BML! If you want to know anything else, just ask!

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