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27 April 2017

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This year we have been turning visions into reality with some exciting new projects. Often clients come to us with a problem and we find a creative solution. We delve deep under the surface to discover what the message is and who it should be targeting. Here are a few projects we have been working on so far in 2017 with a focus on education and healthcare sectors.

Me + My Medicines:
Branding Package and Collateral

Me + My Medicines is the start of something big! The branding for this campaign is just the beginning for what promises to be a national campaign. Me + My Medicines is the overarching title for the Medicines Communications Charter. It is set to change the way patients and healthcare professionals talk about medicines. If this campaign makes just a 1% improvement to the current medicine spend, then it could save the NHS approximately £155m! Update: Website is now live! 

Me + My Medicines Brand Guidelines

The Linking Network:
Branding Package and Website

The Linking Network is a Bradford-based charity with national reach. The organisation supports schools and communities in developing a positive and cohesive ethos. The charity helps people explore identity, celebrate diversity, champion equality and promote community. They came to BML as “Schools Linking”, with a confused brand identity. The previous name only justified one of their services. The new brand identity considers all aspects of the organisations. The Linking Network website holds a huge depth of content for teachers. The team explored various routes through a strategic process to established common themes. Connecting, cohesion and support are the highlighted themes which are reflected throughout the project.

The Linking Network Business Cards

MyWellbeing College:
Branding Package and Website

MyWellbeing College is an offering from Bradford District Care NHS trust and partners. MyWellbeing College website is a free service to help people manage problems such as feeling low, sleeping difficulties, feeling anxious and experiencing stress. We added creative flair with the use of illustrative icons and highlight colours whilst adhering to NHS brand guidelines.

MyWellbeing College Branding and Website

Learning Innovations Training Team:
Branding Development and Collateral

Learning Innovations Training Team is a work-based learning provider that specialises in office-based apprenticeship training. LITT approach us with a logo and colour scheme but that was the extent of their identity. Their marketing materials lacked consistency and creativity. We developed and strengthened the brand to further enhance their strong reputation.

Learning Innovations Training Team Brand Development

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