Brand design for start-up manufacturing businesses

18 July 2017

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Just because your manufacturing business is small or starting out, it doesn’t mean you can’t have big ambitions. The BML Creative team are here to help your business start attracting the right type of customers as quickly as possible.

Branding for small businesses

When a business is new, or small, it is all too easy to waste money on a logo and a few flyers, without taking any time to understand what will actually make someone buy from you. This leaves your business in the perilous position of becoming ‘just another’ generic business. No business ever achieved greatness by being generic. Why? Because the customers willing to pay the most are looking for emotional rewards and they won’t feel that emotion if your business looks the same as everyone else.

Identify and attract your best customers

At the heart of our brand design service for manufacturing start-ups is our ground-breaking Foundation Brand Strategy™ process, which allows you to avoid the ‘generic’ trap by helping you to:

  • UNDERSTAND YOUR BUSINESS – by defining the values are that make your business, your business
  • STAND OUT – by realising how to differentiate your business from your competitors
  • INCREASE YOUR REVENUE – by focusing on your highest paying customers
  • BUILD LOYALTY – by aligning your brand your customers highest values
  • INCREASE YOUR VALUE  – charge more for the same service through stronger positioning

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"From day one, BML Creative have been incredibly responsive to our needs; they understand our business, but more importantly they understand our markets and what we are trying to convey to them"

Andrew Scaife, Michael Lewin

Award-winning brand design team

Even the most successful strategy can be rendered useless, by poor execution. That is where the combined talents of our multi-award winning creative team come to the fore. Using a systematic creative process and an attitude of constant innovation, we develop engaging, thoughtful and purposeful brand design that gets your customers talking.

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Happiness Guaranteed!

Worried whether you’ll like the work we produce? No problem. Like every project we deliver, all the work we produce as part of our brand design service is backed up by our Happiness Guarantee – our risk-free promise of quality to you.

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BML happiness guarantee - studio work
BML happiness guarantee - risk free design and marketing

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