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Elevation™ Brand Design Package prices

Elevation™ Brand Design
Package prices

Pricing for effective brand design and rebranding that scales with your ambitions.

Choose either single advance payment, or in 6 equal monthly instalments*.
Enjoy a huge 20% discount when paying for any of our packages in advance.



Perfect for start-up business and micro-businesses with big ambitions.

Included in Starter:

  • Foundation™ – our ground-breaking brand strategy process
  • Complete Brand Identity – delivered by our award-winning design team
  • Our unique Happiness Guarantee – your risk-free promise of quality
  • ROI Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Marketing Essentials

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Ideal for SME's who need to maximise their marketing budget with a strategic rebrand.

Included in Standard:
Everything in Starter, plus:

  • Additional Design Concepts
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Strapline Generation
  • Custom Icon Suite
  • Flyer Design
  • Poster Design
  • Promotional items
  • Roller Banner
  • Additional Stock Photos

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Perfect for established organisations who are looking to kickstart new growth.

Included in Pro:
Everything in Standard, plus:

  • Graphic Illustrations
  • Exhibition stand
  • Email Template
  • Sales Leaflet
  • Animated Logo
  • Secondary Colour Palette

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All-in-one rebrand solution for large organisations with a significant marketing requirement.

Included in Enterprise:
Everything in Pro, plus

  • Up to 5 Sub-Brands
  • Sales / Company Brochure
  • Wayfinding / Signage
  • Vehicle Livery
  • Exhibition Stand

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* Monthly payments are subject to a satisfactory credit check. We reserve the right to adjust our prices at any time.

Elevation™ Package Comparison

Brand Design

Strategically-led branding packages that help organisations to flourish. Click on the information icon next to each title for full explanation of each component of your brand.

Starter Standard Pro Enterprise
Foundation™ brand strategy iinfo Yes Yes Yes Yes
Happiness Guarantee iinfo Yes Yes Yes Yes
Creative brief writing iinfo Yes Yes Yes Yes
Moodboard creation iinfo Yes Yes Yes Yes
Brand design concepts iinfo 1 3 3 3
Stock photographs iinfo 3 10 10 10
Textures & patterns iinfo Yes Yes Yes Yes
Colour palettes iinfo Primary Primary Primary & Secondary Primary & Secondary
Fonts iinfo Yes Yes Yes Yes
Example applications iinfo Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rounds of amends iinfo Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Asset delivery iinfo Yes Yes Yes Yes
Copyright iinfo Yes Yes Yes Yes
ROI Monitoring and Evaluation iinfo Yes Yes Yes Yes
Strap line generation iinfo Yes Yes Yes
Brand guidelines iinfo Yes Yes Yes
Custom icon suite iinfo Yes Yes Yes
Graphic illustrations iinfo Yes Yes
Sub-brands iinfo Yes

Marketing Essentials

The critical branded tools every organisation needs to communicate effectively.

Letterhead template iinfo Yes Yes Yes Yes
Compliment slip template iinfo Yes Yes Yes Yes
Business card template iinfo Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email signature template iinfo Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social media profile graphics iinfo Yes Yes Yes Yes

Marketing Toolkit

Impactful marketing collateral designed to help your organisation grow.

Flyer iinfo Yes Yes Yes
Poster iinfo Yes Yes Yes
Promotional items iinfo Yes Yes Yes
Roller banner iinfo Yes Yes Yes
Email template iinfo Yes Yes
Sales leaflet iinfo Yes Yes
Animated logo iinfo Yes Yes
Signage / wayfinding iinfo Yes
Vehicle livery iinfo Yes
Exhibition stand iinfo Yes
Company brochure iinfo Yes

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Optional Extras

Add these to your brand design package for even greater marketing performance.

Print Management


Ensure your marketing gets the finish it deserves with our print management service, covering everything from business cards to signage installation.


From £3,695+VAT

Utilise the most powerful marketing tool at your disposal with a dynamic mobile-friendly website that is purposefully designed to build engagement and drive conversions.

Market Research

From £5,995+VAT

Find out which creative concept is genuinely the most effective by running a comprehensive market research and analysis programme with your target audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will I deal with during my Elevation™ brand design project?

Unlike many design agencies, BML do not employ account managers. Instead, you deal with the client services team at the quoting stage, then once a project is commissioned you deal directly with the designer working on your project. This leads to simpler, more direct communication and far fewer misunderstandings and false promises. In circumstances where multiple team members are involved in a single project, all team members will be copied into communications to ensure continuity.

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What happens if I don’t like the work?

Our brand design process is strategically designed to keep you informed at every stage of the brand design process. This means we are totally confident that the work we produce will be inline with your expectations and most importantly, be inline with the strategic objectives of your organisation. That said, we acknowledge that even the most strategically planned work can always be subject to personal opinion. This is why all the work we produce is backed up by our unique Happiness Guarantee.

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How long does the Elevation™ brand design process take?

In our experience the length of time it takes to complete a brand design project is largely dependent on the time each individual organisation takes to make and feed back their decisions. Assuming everything goes smoothly, a standard project may take anything from 4 to 6 weeks, although the bigger the project, the more time is usually required. We will always do everything possible to work around your own specific schedule.

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How soon can you get started on my project?

Our schedule is very fluid, so wherever possible, we will work around the schedule of our clients. With a rebranding project, we will usually require up to two weeks notice to arrange your Foundation™ workshop, although we can usually accommodate any timelines you have given sufficient warning. Our web projects may require slightly more notice due to the complexities of the development process, but again, we will always work our hardest to meet any special requirements you may have. Please contact us if you have an exact timetable you are working to and would like specific reassurances.

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Brand design that delivers serious results

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"Simply outstanding service and attention to detail, I couldn't recommend them highly enough."

Lindsay Panteli, Director, TIL

Foundation™ brand strategy

Built around an intensive one day workshop, BML's Foundation™ brand strategy process helps you to better understand your brand and its place in the world. Covering key insights into your brand values, personality, audience and position, Foundation™ is designed from the ground up to give your business the edge. Find out more

Foundation™ – brand strategy and marketing campaign strategy

Happiness Guarantee

We have total confidence in the effectiveness of our approach and how well it works for you. This is why we make you this unique promise: If you are unhappy with any of the creative work we produce on a specific project following an agreed brief, we will continue to work on it for free for you until you are. If we still can’t deliver, we will return your project fee. No questions asked. Read more.

BML Happiness Guarantee

Creative brief writing

Whether you supply a brief, or not, we always write our own internal creative brief and get you to sign it off before any work takes place. This makes it clear to you that we understand all of your requirements right from the word go.

Creative brief writing for brand design and marketing campaigns

Moodboard creation

Even the most strategic design can be very subjective, so we create moodboards for your brand. Drawn from a wide range of past, present and future influences, our moodboards set the creative tone for your brand and helps us establish your personal preferences. This means we don't waste time on ideas you'll never connect with.

Concept mood board for brand design and marketing campaigns

Brand design concepts

Using multi-page brand stylesheets, we generate alternative flavours for your new brand identity and demonstrate how it can be applied in the real world. To reduce costs in our starter package we only include one brand design concept. However, we believe the best brands come when there are 3 concepts presented in order to explore a range of visual styles. Every package from Standard upwards includes 3 concepts.

Brand design pricing - Brand design concept options

Stock photographs

Even if it does feature in your primary imagery, photography will always be an essential part of your brand's toolkit. We source and supply high-quality stock photos using our own Adobe Stock account, that are perfectly suited to your brand values and vision. For our Starter packages we provide 3 photos. For Standard packages and above we provide 10 stock photo to cater for the greater range of applications required.

Textures & patterns

To truly carry your brand across any medium, you need identifiable brand visuals that will build an association with your business. Custom background textures and patterns are essential for consistent brand recognition and differentiation. We will create a minimum of 3 custom backgrounds that form part of your brand toolkit.

Brand design pricing – brand textures and brand patterns

Colour palettes

Colours play an important part in how people react to your brand so they need to be right. We define your primary colour palette so it is consistently replicated across all mediums. In our Pro and Enterprise Packages, we also define secondary colour palettes to allow additional flexibility and a greater range of applications.


Font choice plays a significant role in your brand's visual toolkit. Serif fonts can impart a sense of tradition and gravitas, whereas sans-serif fonts may feel more modern. The right blend of typefaces is critical to maintaining the correct tone of voice for your brand. We will select the fonts used for your brand, including backup fonts for web applications. The font selection does not include any separate font licensing costs which may need to be paid separately by your organisation. Prices can vary significantly according to the font chosen and number of licenses to be granted.

Brand design pricing – brand fonts

Example applications

In order to understand how your brand is meant to be used, you need to see example applications showing how all the elements come together to form a piece of marketing collateral. The example applications will be taken from the list of marketing outputs in your chosen package, but will often include additional ideas specific to your industry.

Brand design pricing – brand example applications

Rounds of amends

We appreciate all projects will require revisions. To expedite the feedback process, we request amends to be collated into a single batch which we tackle as a 'round', before sending back for further review. Most of our branding projects take 2-3 rounds of amends before we agree sign-off, but as per the terms of our Happiness Guarantee, we will work on it until you are happy.

Rounds of amends for brand design and marketing communication campaigns

Asset delivery

Once we have your approval on the final brand design, we supply all necessary assets in formats for both internal and external use. This includes files in EPS, JPG and PNG formats, as well as other specialist formats as appropriate.

Branding design pricing – Brand asset delivery


We keep things very simple when it comes to copyright. All the final work we produce for you becomes your intellectual property once we have received full payment for the project. The only caveat, is that we reserve the right to feature the work in our own promotional material, including case studies on our website. This is all great exposure for your organisation and who knows, might even lead to some awards!

Copyright for brand design and marketing campaigns

ROI Monitoring and Evaluation

It is our primary objective to ensure the brand we deliver helps your organisation succeed. To that end, we help identify Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) which will help you to track the impact the new brand has on your organisation. This helps you to know that any investment you make with us delivers a positive return.

Brand effectiveness measuring and kpi monitoring for marketing campaigns

Strap line generation

We use insights from your Foundation™ brand strategy to help generate a strap line (also called a 'tag line') for your organisation. A strong strap line can play a significant role in how the brand is perceived so we devise ideas that are appropriate for your requirements. Imagine substituting 'Just Do It', for 'Every Little Helps', whichever way you flip it, the effectiveness of the communication is lost forever. We will generate a minimum of 10 strapline suggestions for your organisation, that all work in harmony with your brand values.

Brand guidelines

In an established organisation, brand guidelines are an essential part of your marketing toolkit. They specify the rules and tools for your brand and how it should be applied in the real world. They ensure that consistency and maximum effectiveness are maintained at all times, both internally and when dealing with external suppliers, such as printers and signage installers. They also ensure your brand is never corrupted through incorrect usage, something that happens a lot when there is no guidance in place.

Custom icon suite

Custom iconography gives you an opportunity to deepen your brand-reach in an increasingly digitised world. We design you a suite of 20 icons for common applications including social media, web interface and document types, as well as icons specific to your product or service offering.

Brand design pricing – brand icons design

Graphic illustrations

Graphic illustrations offer a unique and flexible way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Not only can they convey messages that are often lost in photography, but they are highly customisable and lend themselves to a variety of online and offline applications. We will design you 3 custom graphic illustrations that work in harmony with your new brand.

Brand design pricing – brand illustrations


If you have a multi-layered offering (i.e. a product suite, flavour ranges, or niche service businesses), your sub-brands can be incorporated into the branding process to ensure cohesion and the correct hierarchy is established. We will create up to 5 custom-designed sub-brands for your products and services, each of which will include a logo and colour scheme. We will also define the hierarchy of each sub brand and how it is used in relation to your main brand identity.

Brand design pricing – sub brands and product brands

Letterhead template

Your letterhead is an essential communication tool. You need it for official documents and for sending letters to suppliers, team and customers. We design a custom template inline with your new brand and provide you the file in both PDF (for hi-resolution printing) and Word (for internal use) formats.

Brand design pricing – brand letterhead design

Compliment slip template

Even in a digitally-led age, you still need to send information in the post or drop off in person. A branded compliment slip is the perfect tool for the job. It ensures consistently and allows you to deliver a personalised, individual message in an effective and consistent way.

Brand design pricing – brand compliment slip design

Business card template

In business, nothing beats the immediacy and feedback you get from face-to-face communication. We design powerful, striking and memorable customised business cards that make an immediate impact and leave a lasting impression on the people you connect with.

Brand design pricing – brand business card design

Email signature template

Email is the number one communication tool for any organisation. To help ensure that your new brand is consistent in the area you need it most, we design a custom email signature and send you the template to integrate with your preferred email delivery system. Where possible, we will look for ways to add value, such as links to social media, or highlighting your latest news, product or service announcements.

Brand design pricing – brand email signature design

Social media profile graphics

Any modern business would be foolish not to leverage the power of social networks. They give you a global platform from which to market your organisation and best of all, the vast majority are completely free. We design the social media profile pages fro your business, including profile icons, background graphics and header images, to ensure that any social channel you use makes a strong impact on your visitors.

Brand design pricing – brand social media profile design


An impactful leave behind or handout is a highly effective way of getting the attention of a large number of people. We will design you a strategically thought out piece of double-sided A5 flyer (or equivalent) with a strong call to action. Critically, we will help devise a way for you to measure the responses you get to your flyer.

Brand design pricing – brand flyer design


Sometimes, the simplest form of communication are the best. A poster is a highly effective way of getting somebody's attention. We will help design a single-sided A3 (or equivalent) poster template that works in harmony with your brand objectives. We will also help to identify means of testing and tracking responses from posters that you distribute.

Brand design pricing – brand poster design

Promotional items

A promotional item is a great way to get somebody's attention, or leave them with a constant reminder of your business. We will identify a minimum of three promotional items that work in harmony with your brand objectives and deliver customised artwork for each.

Brand design pricing – brand promotional items design ad artwork

Roller banner

Portable marketing tools are essential if you want to take advantage of opportunities to market your business in environments away from your business premises. We will design you a bespoke 800mm x 2000mm roller banner (sometimes called a 'pull-up' banner) which is a perfect, lightweight and cost effective solution for any business. Wherever possible, we will include a call to action that can be measured and tracked so you can track how effective the banner is for your business.

Email template

Email marketing is a brilliant, cost-effective marketing channel. Our email templates give you the ability to maintain contact with existing customers and prospects in a non-intrusive, professional manner. We will design you a suitable email template inline with your business objectives. This may be anything from a newsletter template, to a sales template – whatever is most valuable to your business. We can also integrate this with our own online email delivery system* for no additional charge (*delivery fees apply - contact us for details).

Branding design pricing – branded email template design

Sales leaflet

You only have a short moment to grab someone's attention. A sales leaflet is a great way to summarise your product offering in a easy-to-read, cost-effective format. Perfect for leave behinds after a customer meeting. We will design you a 4 page A5 leaflet (or equivalent) and help devise ways to encourage and track the responses you receive.

Brand design pricing – brand sales leaflet design

Animated logo

We live in a digital age, and engaging people through motion is an increasingly powerful way to grab somebody's attention and make your brand stand out from the crowd. We use our extensive animation and video graphics skills to create a dynamic animated version of your logo – perfect for sales presentations, introductions to company videos and sharing on social media.

Signage / wayfinding

To have great continuity, you need your brand to be reflected in the premises you own. We will design you bespoke wayfinding and in space signage that will impress your customers and inspire your staff. This includes: a main fascia sign, car park signs, floor signs, window graphics, room signs, directional signage, reception graphics.

Branding design pricing – office signage and wayfinding design

Vehicle livery

Many companies have their own fleet of vehicles for delivery and logistical purposes. Even if you are a service business, customised vehicle livery can be a highly effective way to build awareness of your brand. We will design you a custom livery template for one vehicle type, including ideas on trackable call to actions so you can measure direct responses to audience engagement.

Branding design pricing – Brand vehicle livery wrap signage design

Exhibition stand

Exhibitions should always be a part of a businesses marketing mix. We will design you a single bespoke 4x3 pop-up exhibition stand to promote your core business or product, together with accompanying counter. Our creative approach puts maximum emphasis on innovative ways to build engagement, so any exhibition investment you make can convert to lead acquisition. If required, we can also arrange print production using one of our excellent pre-approved print suppliers.

Branding design pricing – Brand exhibition stand display design

Company brochure

Even in our digital age, offline marketing still has a powerful role to play. A company brochure is a great way to showcase your products or services in a professional way. Perfect for face-to-face meetings, trade-shows or direct mail campaigns, we will design you a bespoke 8-12 page A4 brochure (or equivalent), designed to engage your primary audience and generate enquiries for your organisation.

Branding design pricing – Brand company brochure and sales brochure design

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