BML Wall o’Fame #12 – Beer

09 August 2017

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As part of our tenth anniversary celebrations, we’ve been looking to collaborate with some of our favourite local and national organisations. For our 12th Wall o’Fame challenge, we’ve teamed up with Leeds’ legendary North Brewing Co. to help raise money for one of our favourite local charities, St Gemma’s Hospice.

Theme #12:

We’re not the only ones celebrating in 2017. North have just celebrated their 20th anniversary (check out the anniversary animation we did for them in our Highlights) and they are on a 12 month mission to raise £20,000 for St. Gemma’s Hospice, a charity which does wonderful things for people in the Leeds community. We’ve decided to team up and support their efforts by donating all the proceed of sales from the BML charity print shop to St Gemma’s as well! Naturally the theme for this special 12th Wall o’Fame challenge had to be ‘beer’. We were only too happy to ‘research’ the subject matter before pouring (sorry!) our ideas onto paper. Here’s what we came up with (all now available to buy from the BML charity print shop)…

'Beers of Europe'
Dave Holloway

Inspired by the distinctive shapes of beer glass associated with different European beverages (in particular the incredible selection on sale at North’s bars), the ‘Beers of Europe‘ print series features bold typography combined with 2D illustrations of beer glasses from each country. Each beer glass is designed using simple geometric shapes based on a strong underlying grid. Buy the ‘Beers of Europe’ beer print collection from the BML Charity Print Shop

'A Night on the Tiles'
Gary Hanna

Inspired by the never ending supply of drinks on our most recent ‘work’ night out, Gary created a tessellation from a modified beer glass shape which can be repeated over and over again to form a tiled pattern. Buy ‘A Night on the Tiles’ beer print from the BML Charity Print Shop

'Beer Served Here'
Gary Hanna

Some might say this depicts a profound personal fantasy, revealing an unquenchable thirst and an unhealthy affection for the heavenly nectar. Others might say it’s a light hearted, retro styled print featuring a rainbow of beer. Buy ‘Beer Served Here’ beer print from the BML Charity Print Shop

Rik Kendell

For this Wall o’Fame, Rik wanted to do something bright and fun; beer is a social thing for Rik. A bottle or two at a BBQ with friends is ideal, and he wanted to capture that feeling. But our developer also wanted to look at the process, and what goes into beer. Brewing beer uses simple ingredients like hops, yeast and water but combine to create something complex and varied. With Polyhops Rik used simple shapes with the more complex structure of the beer. Plus it gave him a great excuse to play around with low-polygon art! Buy ‘Polyhops’ beer poster on the BML Charity Print Shop

'Never Mix Your Drinks'
Kevin Summers

Inspired by the drunken antics of Withnail (Richard E. Grant) in Bruce Robinson’s 1987 British cult classic ‘Withnail and I’. The plot follows the substance fuelled misadventures of a pair of chronically unemployed actors, living in a squalid flat in Camden Town. In the inimitable words of Withnail: “I must have some booze. I DEMAND to have some booze!” Buy ‘Never Mix Your Drinks’ beer poster now from the BML Charity Print Shop

Beer prints are now on show at North Bar, Harrogate.

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