What BML are giving up for Lent 2018

14 February 2018

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As I’m sure everyone is aware, today is the start of Lent. Established in the 4th century, participants choose to give up a particular food or habit for six weeks of self-discipline. Some of the BML Team have decided to make a public pledge and hopefully stick to it!

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Good habits, bad habits

To help us all stay honest, we’re going to have an honesty jar… a bit like a swear jar. Every time we crumble at temptation, instead of throwing our hands in the air and giving up, we’ll pop a couple of pounds into the jar as a penalty. As we go along, hopefully, we’ll all drop some bad habits or pick up some good ones. Come Easter, we’ll donate whatever is in the jar to a local charity, St. Gemma’s Hospice… Along with the BML Print Shop proceeds. Here’s what some of the team are giving up…

You snooze, you lose

Ey up, it’s Kevin. I’m going to give up on those glorious extra 9 minutes of sleep each morning for Lent. I have a habit of hitting snooze, at least once, when the alarm goes off each morning (doesn’t everyone?!). That’s a minimum of 6 waking hours I’m getting back over the space of the 40 days. Result!

I will walk 5,000 miles...

… and I will walk 5,000 more. Hey, Michelle here. So, instead of giving up something, I’m going to start something! I’m going to do 70,000 steps every week. After a quick Google search, I found that this is about 35 miles – eek! I think my main hurdle will be finding the time to fit all these steps in. I’ll have to go the long way…

Sweet treats

My name’s James. I’m going to give up chocolatey treats. Can I please continue to eat my Honey and Nut Belvitas* though? They’ve got tiny chocolate chips in them… Surely this doesn’t count? *Other breakfast biscuits are available

An Inconvenient Lunch

Hey, it’s Rik! Working in Leeds, it’s all too easy to nip out and buy a quick, convenient – and usually unhealthy – lunch. For the next 6-weeks or so I’m going to try to resist the temptation to nip out for a naughty lunch. The tasty, tasty temptation…

Good luck everyone! Stay strong...

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