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Strategic creativity that fuels growth

Whether you’re driven by a need for growth, a change of ownership, increased competition or product innovation, we use the powerful combination of strategic insight, creative spark and positivity, to produce inspiring brands that transform industries.

'Engineering Customers' - A practical guide to improving B2B lead generation

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Our strategic branding process

When it comes to creating your brand, we don’t like leaving things to chance. We follow a tried and tested strategic brand design process that has been proven time after time to deliver tangible improvements to the bottom line.

Foundation brand workshop

Foundation Brand Strategy™

Uncovering your true value

For your business to stand out, it must be able to clearly articulate its unique value proposition – the reason why customers should buy from you and not your competitors.

Our Foundation Brand Strategy process is designed to help you understand what ‘value’ means to both you and your customers. The process begins with insight gathering through our brand strategy workshop and interviews with key stakeholders. This is then distilled into your Foundation Brand Strategy Report – the cornerstone of all future creative brand development work. Within it, we will define your:

  • Brand Values (what drives your business?)
  • Brand Personality (how do you come across?)
  • Brand Positioning (what level of value do you provide to the market?)
  • Target Audience (who are your ideal customers?)
  • Brand Value Proposition (why does your brand matter?)

Elevation Brand Design™

Insight-powered creativity

Even with a great strategy in place, you need exceptional execution to bring your new brand to life.

Our Elevation Brand Design process follows a tried and tested methodology that delivers exceptional creative, by aligning the strategic vision, strengths and values of your business, with the exterior face it presents to the world.

Awards and recognition

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