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BML Creative are a results-driven B2B branding agency who specialise in manufacturing, engineering and industrial markets. Our straight-talking, hands-on approach combines intelligent marketing strategy with impeccable cross-channel design, to deliver meaningful brands that offer a genuine competitive advantage.

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Why B2B sales is a largely an emotional decision

24 August 2019

Have you ever made a decision on somewhere to eat just because it ‘looked’ or ‘felt’ right, despite the fact you’ve never eaten there before? If so, you’ve made a purchase decision based on brand.


How to avoid the commodity trap

07 May 2019

Are you constantly competing on price instead of value? If you are, then it is likely the problem isn’t the value you are delivering, it is the value you are communicating.

'Engineering Customers' - A 32-page practical guide to improving B2B lead generation

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"BML are a first class branding agency. I have worked with many in my twenty years within marketing and have rarely seen such a high level of client care and delivery."

Sue Nelson, Head of Marketing – Liv Group

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